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The Five Robotics Competitions You Should Know About | Baunrobotics


Are you a student who’s interested in robotics? 

You’re not alone! 

Robotics competitions are popping up all over the world and there are plenty of ways to get involved. These competitions are centered around the niche of student robotics and each has its own set of unique challenges, as well as rewards for winners. 

We all know the Olympics is a global event that brings people from across the world together to compete. Well, robotics competitions are just as cool! 

And here’s why: the participants of these competitions can either write codes and build robots of different features. Or the competitors can have their robots compete against each other in different categories such as Soccer, Dance, Sumo wrestling, Marathon, and Line following. There are many robotics competitions you should know about and even more fun facts about them too!

In this blog post, we’ll be going through five different robotics competitions that you should know about. Shall we? 

 Robotics Competitions You Should Know About

The Robot Master Nigeria competition was created by Baun Robotics Limited to promote STEAM fields

among Nigerian students and graduates.

It is an annual robotics event that takes place in Nigeria. And it provides a platform for students to showcase their skills and knowledge about robotics and engineering by building robots to solve various challenges.

Robot Master of Nigeria #RMN2021 Virtual Education and Competition is aimed at influencing Nigerians with Autonomous Vehicle Development Skills. It also connects students to mentors who can provide them with valuable insights on careers in STEAM-related professions. 

Car and technology companies are in need of many employees to make the potential of AVs become a reality. A large focus of the hiring will be on programmers and engineers.

Programmers are needed to design the code that allows the AVs to take in all of the sensory data the car is observing and reacting to while navigating roads. Engineers and designers will be needed to help develop the next generation of vehicles that contain all of the necessary technology and sensors.

This season, Robot Master of Nigeria 2021 partners with Riders.AI and Acrome Robotic to bring virtual robotics education and competition programme. Participants will have access to training from robotics experts Başar Şahinbeyoğlu and Michel de Messieres, after which the teams will compete against each other to win the prize.

The best team take the crown!


To participate, you must be an active member of your school’s STEM club, JET club, Mechatronic club and STEAM clubs. And it is accessible to Senior and Junior secondary students, Graduates, Undergraduates and Hobbyists alike. 


1st Price - N2,500 000 + Crown of Robot Master of Nigeria

2nd Price -N1,500 000

3rd Price - N1,250 000




Tel: 09026659729

E-mail: baunrobotics@gmail.com

WEBSITE: www.baunrobotics.com


350,000 naira

MIT’s Zero Robotics competition is a robotics challenge held at the MIT Media Lab for middle school and high school students. It aims to build robots that can play soccer with one another or robots that complete missions in a gaming environment. 


There are two parts of this competition, one part called “missions” where teams use their robots to complete certain objectives. And another is called “zero-sum,” which is like a board game that can be played with two or four players per team.


To participate, teams must design and program their robot using open-source Arduino software or an equivalent language as well as 3D printing their robot parts. After competing with over 3000 participants, the winning team gets bragging rights as well as some cool prizes! 



To participate in MIT’s Zero robotics competition, all you need to do is to find a team of not more than 20 students and a mentor; open an account and register



Very difficult




Email: zerorobotics@mit.edu 


DARPA, which stands for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is a robotics competition whose goal is to build robots that are most capable of helping humans during natural and man-made disasters. 


This challenge was established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as part of a program called “Grand Challenge -from the 2005 race for autonomous vehicles with no winners. This Challenge encourages students from around the world to build advanced robots that can do disaster-response activities in dangerous, degraded, human-engineered environments. 


Meanwhile, this event has three stages: Virtual Robotics Challenge (VRC), in which participants use simulation software to develop their robots. The Wreck-It Day Field Trial (WID), where the teams compete head-to-head on the hardware they built using the VRC software. And Finally, the DRC Finals, where 12 finalists will compete for $2 million prizes. 


The previous robot winners were able to perform tasks like walking over rough terrain, manipulating objects, climbing stairs or ladders, using tools designed for human hands, and even picking 

up heavy objects. In general,  the DARPA Robotics Challenge teams can compete in three different challenges: mobility (walking), manipulation (using hands), and disaster response (a scenario-based course).




To participate, you must register your team by October 3rd and be 18 years or older. All participants will receive a kit with access to all the tools needed to build their robot as well as software development tools from companies like Microsoft, Autodesk, NVIDIA, and Intel.



2 million dollars. 



Very Difficult




Website: https://archive.darpa.mil/roboticschallenge/ 


3. FIRST championship robotics competition



The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is an organization founded by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway and founder of DEKA Research & Development Corp -manufacturers of medical devices, prosthetic limbs, and other products. FRC has been a global phenomenon since its humble beginnings in 1992 with just 25 teams from around New England competing for prizes totaling $4000


This robotics competition takes place every year, in April, is carried out in teams, and is open to students of all ages and backgrounds.


It consists of teams from around the world creating a robot to perform specific tasks such as shooting basketballs into hoops or passing footballs through hanging rings for points. There are also “autonomous” robots that do not have any human control but still compete against each other and try to score goals on their own. 


Furthermore, this world’s largest and most prestigious youth STEM event has three levels of difficulty: FTC, FLL Junior, and FRC. The FRC division is for high school students who have been accepted to participate in regional qualifying tournaments; the FTC division is for middle school students with a focus on fun and creativity. And the FLL division focuses on getting younger children interested in STEM education through programming LEGO MINDSTORMS robots. 


Four main parts make up each match: robot safety inspection, qualification matches for alliance selection, semi-finals matches (single elimination), and finals matches (double elimination). Teams are given 6 weeks to design and build their robots, which are then tested in front of judges before being used at the championship tournament.



To compete at these events you must be 13 years or older before the commencement date. You may also qualify by being an international student studying outside of North America or Europe who has not had more than 12 months of formal schooling after their 8th birthday. OR by submitting a video explaining why you should be allowed to participate in the competition. 






Phone: (603) 666-3906 or (800) 871-8326

Website: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc 








This is a competition for high school robotics teams. It was founded in 2005 and the first-ever event was held at the University of Southern California (USC).


At the Robo-One competition, students are given a task to solve and they have 6 weeks to build and program their robot to complete the task. The robots are judged on how well they completed the task as well as how efficient they were with time – which is usually around 4 minutes per problem. 


There are different categories that teams can participate in, including robot soccer, line-following, autonomous sumo wrestling, and drone racing. The goal of this competition is to encourage STEM education by challenging students to design robots capable of completing tasks quickly and efficiently. Competitors must use the provided parts and pieces to create their robot, then compete on how well they can complete tasks assigned to them.

Robotics competitions are a great way to get hands-on experience with robotics, programming, and engineering. And Robo-One is one of the most popular robotics competitions for students in grades 3-8. This competition takes place at various locations around the country during school breaks throughout the year. It consists of three parts: autonomous mode, remote control mode, and design challenge. 



To participate in this event, you need an official kit from Robo-One’s website or a local distributor. Complete kits include everything needed to compete as well as for instructions on how each part works for those who need help getting started 






Website: http://www.robotoonexpo.com/studentcompetitors/ 



 Final thoughts

The next time you hear about a robotics competition, don’t just think of it as something that doesn’t apply to your life. 


These competitions are for everyone and the benefits they offer can be life-changing if you take them seriously enough. Sign up for the RMN Competition today and stand a chance to win 2.5million Naira! And who knows? Maybe one day, we will all see robots in every home around the world.