About us

Baun robotics Limited is private Nigerian company registered by Corporate Affairs Commission with RC No 1182634. It is the foremost provider of STEAM ROBOTICS in Nigeria

We empower new generation of Nigerian Youth through practical applications and problem solving programmes that strengthen Coding & Programming, Robotics and Automation, Emerging technologies including IOT, AI 3D Modelling and Printing, and Creative skills

We are driven by a mission to deliver education programs that instill 21st century skills lacking in our educational systems, those that inspire and enable our youth with the tools and mind-set to learn, lead, and live in a global community. At our core, we advance STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) skills, and we are fortunate enough to have facilitated learning for many students

Our coding classes build beginner and advanced capability in Robotics &Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Mobile app development.

We compliment this technology education with other courses, including entrepreneurship, design skills, 3D virtualization and modelling, and other creative skills that are essential to the full circle of learning